The store just got a new perk for shipping to the United States... free shipping on orders over $100!

The combinations for free shipping are mind boggling. Ashes + Mice and Mystics. All second summoners plus Summoner Wars Alliances. City of Remnants + Specter Ops. Four Mice and Mystic plushies + a set of figures. 21 packs of Summoner Wars sleeves. Heart of Glorm + Downwood Tales + Lost Chapters 1 and 2.

The possibilities are endless, so many games to buy! As long as you're shipping to the United States of America and you spend $100 or more, standard USPS priority mail shipping is FREE! Just choose the free shipping option that appears.

Mr. McFeely says, if you're in the United States, buy more Plaid Hat games and get them speedy delivered free!!

Mr. McFeely

(Note: Mr. McFeely has no association with Plaid Hat Games and does not endorse our web store. Sadly.)

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