Best Game of the Year

The results are in and Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game has taken home the top prize in the Dice Tower Gaming Awards! We're honored to receive this award!

Dead of Winter also took home the award for Best Theming and Best Co-op, and was nominated for Most Innovative Game. Mice and Mystics: Downwood Tales was nominated for Best Game Expansion.

It's been a whirlwind for Plaid Hat Games since Dead of Winter's release. We couldn't be happier that Dead of Winter has provided so much fun to so many players!

Congrats to all the other winners and nominees!

Click here to order Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game from the store.

Click here to order Mice and Mystics: Downwood Tales.


Genestealer commented:

Congratulations! Way to go Plaid Hat Games, DoW is one of my daughters and I's favorites!

Posted on 2015-06-29.

TyeFighter commented:

So awesome, keep the hits coming PHG!

Posted on 2015-06-29.

demon_llama commented:

way cool. though i must admit, not a big surprise, it is a really awesome game so this is a well deserved award. still, thanks to everyone who voted for it :)

Posted on 2015-06-29.

Usuba commented:

Congratulations, you deserve this because the work you guys put in to your games rewards us all, thank you!

Posted on 2015-06-29.

twicethecaffeine commented:

Congratulations, well deserved awards. Now, where's the expansion?

Posted on 2015-06-29.

Ravenchild commented:

Dead of winter really is the one game i can pullout and everyone has a good time.

Posted on 2015-06-30.

-Sarge- commented:

It's hitting my table again next week. :) I think it's the game that really convinced my lady Tara that games deeper than party games can be still be fun and social. Before DoW, I had a hard time getting people to the table. I have a regular group every other week, now, and it runs the gamut with most of our friends rotating into attendance. Congrats, Isaac, (but don't forget that re-imagining of CoR! I need it!) and congrats PH. DoW is the stellar game I hoped it would be, and more. Stay Plaid, fellas...

Posted on 2015-06-30.

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