It's time for another edition of This Week In Plaid! (Note: Ignore the fact that I forgot to do this last week.)

Specter OPS FAQ Updated

The Specter OPS: Shadow of Babel Frequently Asked Questions document has been updated with further clarifications. You can head to the Specter OPS game page to get the new FAQ under the Support tab or just click here to download the newest version.

Common Battle, VASSAL tournaments wrap up

In the world of Summoner Wars, Tortugatron's epic Common Battle vote-off has completed, with the Renegade taking the crown. It beat out the Elephant, who, despite a weight advantage, was quite the underdog. Way to go to the best prediction bracket which called the Renegade win.

Also in Summoner Wars, an epic VASSAL tournament is wrapping up that included all 32 summoners. The final is set, with jpingus' Moyra facing off against Laternal's Sunderved. Good luck to both of you! Thanks to dok for running it.

Ashes Excitement and Videos!

There's still a little time to enter our Ashes contest, which will likely end up at over 400 entries. Considering there are 5 winners, those aren't bad odds, go for it!

The buzz is starting to buzz for Ashes. Head to our forums or the game's BoardGameGeek page and participate in the discussion, and don't miss out on the Watch it Played videos giving a game overview and full rule instructions!

Ashes is available for pre-order at the store. Pre-order today from our site and get $15 off the retail price! Order from and get a free Dimona Odinstar promo Phoenixborn, along with her exclusive Rayward Knight ally!

Plaid Cowboy Hat?

Plaid Hat Games is officially headquartered in Texas! You can hear a little about the process on the newest episode of the Plaid Hat Podcast. Mostly you'll hear that everybody is really tired. You can also hear Colby discuss business strategy with Peter.