Common Battle 2015

It's time for COMMON BATTLE 2015!

All next week and month, vote for your favorite Summoner Wars commons in an all-out user-voted battle!

This not a Unit vs Unit who would win head-to-head, but rather a popularity contest. Which one do you think is more indispensable? Unique? Cool? Fun? ...Attractive.

Go to the Challonge bracket to make your prediction (deadline is today!!).

Go to the main thread for info and voting.




tortugatron commented:

Lovely special effects Joe :)

And don't worry Summoner Wars-ites, this year's Battle will actually finish ;)

Posted on 2015-05-22.

thenightsshadow commented:

All done predicting. Took a LONG time to finish; there's a lot of commons.

Posted on 2015-05-22.

Maniacalraven commented:

(Deadline is today!!)
After I was just thinking, good, I've got a week to pick out my favorite...

Posted on 2015-05-22.

tortugatron commented:

Voting has started! Vote here:

Also, you have until tonight to fill out your predictions if you haven't already.

Posted on 2015-05-23.

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