Specter Ops: Shadow of Babel continues to get closer to release! There's still time to pre-order but not much, so do so today! Today we have an extra special playthrough for you to watch: Board With Life has done a Let's Play of Specter Ops!

On one side, a lone A.R.K. agent infiltrates a Raxxon facility, seeking to retrieve three mission targets and escape alive. Equipped with unique skills and tools, the agent moves in secret.

On the other side, two genetically enhanced Raxxon hunters, alerted to the intruder's presence, take no prisoners as they attempt to eliminate the A.R.K. agent before a successful escape. Super-human mutations and keen coordination aid them in their duty to destroy Raxxon's enemies.

In the Board With Life Specter Ops playthrough, Donald plays as hunter The Puppet, Brittany plays as hunter The Beast, and Casey plays as a secret A.R.K. Agent. See the kind of tough choices, stress, thematic flavor, and fun this game provides.

Every session of this game I watch makes me want to play more and more! Watch the Board With Life Let's Play above, then subscribe to their YouTube channel.

Click here to pre-order Specter Ops: Shadow of Babel.


thenightsshadow commented:

Uh, you don't get seen by the motion detector if you moved 2 or less, not 3 or less...

Posted on 2015-03-31.

freezinpee commented:

Very entertaining to watch. I give it two plaid hats out of three

Posted on 2015-03-31.

BuckWilde commented:

They got a lot of rules wrong, TNS. Like forgetting that if you roll a 6, you can roll again, so that an agent far away is still theoretically in danger of taking a wound

Posted on 2015-03-31.

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