BGG User jtberman sent us an email over the weekend. He has been making How to Play videos with his almost 3 year old daughter Dara, and sent us the link of their How to Play of Summoner Wars. We thought this was too good not to share with everyone.




KAM commented:

Awesome. Looks like she's ready for Booth Duty.
I really like her Die rolling method--just pound that die RIGHT into your opponent's cards...for Hugs.

Posted on 2015-03-16.

Obsidian commented:

"This is Tacullu. He is a Bender. He is a pain in the but."

This is pure truth

Posted on 2015-03-16.

schmots commented:

That was great

Posted on 2015-03-16.

This comment has been deleted.

Irisches Glueck commented:

Not gonna lie. That was adorable

Posted on 2015-03-16.

vanderk4 commented:

Hugs for everyone! She really has that roll down.

Posted on 2015-03-16.

jtberman commented:

Thanks everyone for the comments. Glad everyone likes Dara's video. If you haven't seen her other How To Play videos, you can check them out on BGG at (admittedly the others have less Tundra Frogs).

Hugs to all, but only on rolls of 3+.

Posted on 2015-03-16.

Uncleeurope commented:

And when you hug a unit enough, it loves you so much, it decides to become magic for you!

Also, What happens when you heal someone? Is that like slapping them to make them feel less happy?

Posted on 2015-03-18.

Nburghardt commented:

She's adorable! I'd lose to her anytime in SW just to watch her smile!

Posted on 2015-03-18.

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