Yesterday I poked my head into 2 Freindly Local Game Stores (FLGSs), and I was very happy to see that PHG's new game Video Game High School was on the shelves in each one!  

I had the chance to play it a couple of times at last GenCon, and I took a few photos.  Here is one of our own Alex Eding getting a demo:

VGHS demo

Here are the components for the player I played: Freddie Wong.  (He's only available for pre-orders, I believe.) 

VGHS Freddie Wong

And here is the central board at the end of the game (I am in second place):

VGHS end

VGHS is a worker-placement game where you are racing with other players to be the number-1 ranked video game player!  Each turn you have several painful decisions to make: whether to get more skill tokens; whether to get temporary or permanent tokens and which areas to get the skills in; or make a grab for the First Player marker, or achieve the temporary challenge, or play for a new record in one of the 5 game areas, etc.  At the game page you can find links to the rule book and to the instructional video.  It's a fun, short (about a half hour) and light strategy game with lots of options, and an intense end game where the right combination of moves can vault you into first place.  

I look forward to playing this with my family.