Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Summoner Wars: Alliances EU Transit

A slight delay for that sweet, sweet, Colby signature


Due to the option of having these games signed or unsigned, the games were shipped here to the US first so we can process them out and then ship them overseas. 

In attempts to keep the cost low, shipping over to the EU will be done by boat, delaying EU arrival about a month from the US orders. We are sorry this is coming out now, but weren’t aware that it would take that long going into it.

In the future, we are very likely to not have the signed option to EU orders to prevent this sort of thing.

Copies for those pre-orders are on their way, but for anyone wanting rectification in anyways aside from awaiting arrival there are two options 1) Pay VAT and increased shipping but we can send the games from here in the US or 2) We can cancel your order and refund.