We pulled off 600 copies from the most recent container, and you all continue to suprise us.  Those copies have come and gone almost as fast as we could pull them off the truck.

We have a container arriving right now, and we will be able to fill orders again in about 7-10 days, but we have moved it back to Backorder for the time being.  Orders placed before 13:30 EST on 1/20/15 are going to ship, no need to email.  Tracking information will be provided by 1/21, please check your junk or spam folders for a package coming from Colby Dauch via Stamps/USPS.  If AFTER 1/21 you didn't receive an email, feel free to inquire.  

It is strongly recommended you get in on that backorder to reserve one of the copies from that next container.  



PS: Summoner Wars: Alliances will be in at that time too, so you might want to get that pre-order in.  Save that cheddar.