The Summoner Wars FAQ is updated! Lead playtester Frank Balog has updated the document with the latest rulings, clarifications and it includes all Alliance cards.

Click here to download the Summoner Wars FAQ v2.2.


Caleb Wolfbrand commented:


Posted on 2014-12-19.

Khayzhard commented:

Just downloaded the document (but not yet read).

Thanks to Mr. "killercactus" Blaog (I hope I haven't done one of mistaken identity :D) for this update (I can just imagine the hard work required for such a type of task).

P.S. I just realized that the surname of Mr. Blaog is very similar to a certain TO Champion :D

Posted on 2014-12-19.

Kemott commented:

answer should be expanded imo, what happens with Freeze.

Posted on 2014-12-19.

dspringer13 commented:

Can I recommend that files receive the game name as well as the description for the future? Of course I can rename them (and I have) but it would make it easier if I didn't have to.

For instance the above file should be named "Summoner Wars faq22.pdf" or similar rather than "faq22.pdf".

Great job on the update... It has some great clarifications.... You guys need to get ahold of Iello and fix their card text and clarifications for "King of tokyo"/"King of new york" hehe... They are horrendous. (not to mention they seem to always have some horribly undercosted/overpowered cards that seem like they should have been caught in playtesting....

Our PHG playtesting crew is miles above theirs IMHO.

Merry Christmas!

Posted on 2014-12-19.

killercactus commented:

@Kemott - FYI the Freeze remains there. There's nothing on either card that would cause it to go away. It's simply a "do what the cards say, and not what they don't say" situation, which I try to.keep.out of the FAQ though it could probably be there.

Posted on 2014-12-19.

thenightsshadow commented:

Nobody's fixed the misspelling of Frank's name? Balog, not Blaog.

Posted on 2014-12-21.

Tispon commented:

Is it possible that there is alliance FAQ without second summoners FAQ?
I thought I saw it at some point, but now the file doesn't seem to have any second summoners

Posted on 2014-12-24.

ejboyd commented:

Nice to see this update. Would you consider adding more details to Sin-Sin's entry? Clarifying the Thief interaction is great, but how about its impact on Units with Rider and other movement-related abilities?

Posted on 2014-12-26.

killercactus commented:

Well, that interaction is covered in the "move vs Move With / move normally" rules. It's no different than that.

Posted on 2014-12-30.

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