, Plaid Hat Games, and Playdek have teamed up for a unique tournament on the Summoner Wars digital app!

16 players, already selected, will compete over the next couple weeks to determine the champion. Each player represents one of the 16 Summoner Wars factions.

You read that right; the 6 factions currently missing from the iOS and Android app are currently in beta stage! The tournament will utilize the upcoming system, plus the Sand Goblins, Shadow Elves, Deep Dwarves, Filth, Mercenaries, and Swamp Orcs will be featured as well! Hopefully that means the public release isn't far behind.

Over at the BoardGameGeek blog, they are taking a poll on which faction will win and generally most announcements for the tournament will happen over there.

One of the coolest parts of the tournament is that the final games will be streamed and commentated on at!

Click here to download Summoner Wars for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.

Click here to download Summoner Wars from the Google Play store.

Click here for BGG's announcement about the participants.