Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Games fans tend to respond in droves when we're seeking playtesters, as our recent Ashes request showed. Rarely are the playtesting applications open for more than a weekend.

Now one of our partners, Playdek Games, is seeking playtesters for their own Summoner Wars product. Let's show our support!

The producers of the award-winning app version of Summoner Wars on iOS and Android are readying a new update to the app called the mBer System which features in-app tournaments as well as the ability to chat during games!

In order to playtest, you have to be available from 1pm to 3 pm EDT (10am to noon PDT) on Saturday, October 25, and you need to download and install some updates prior to that.

In return for your help, Playdek is offering the following:

For everyone who participates in this test, you will be invited back for our second round of beta testing in November and we will gift you an unreleased faction for Summoner Wars when mBer is made live in order to show our appreciation for helping us out with this.

Emphasis mine, although I have no idea what it means.

Sign up to be a Playdek playtester today!