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Sand Cloaks: Sharing Event Abilities

There's more than one way to get more ability!

I just got back a few hours ago from GenCon.  It was great!  But I'll write a bit more about that later.  Right now I'll give you another peek at the Sand Cloaks. 

In the first peek I showed all the Event cards for this deck.  They are all Event Abilities, and are played under a Sand Cloak unit to give it an additional ability. 

Many of you speculated that some of the units in this deck must be able to do more things with the EA cards, and you are right! It turns out that Event Abilities can be obtained in several ways besides playing the card under the unit. This week we see that EAs can be shared between units. 

 Marek, Summoner of the Sand Cloaks

The Summoner herself is a prime example of this. My statement last week, "Marek is a sort of reverse Vlox" is true a second way: she can share the EA she physically has with one other Sand Cloak unit each turn.

Hunter, Common of the Sand Cloaks

Hunters are perhaps the best sharers of Event Abilities -- at least with each other.  If one Hunter has an EA card, all Hunters have that ability.  So Hunters could potentially have several Event Abilities to use at once -- until they die, at least, which happens easily. But they also hit harder when they have an EA card under them, which is very useful for a ranged unit. (Note that the +1 Attack Value is not shared with other Hunters. An EA given by Marek is not shared either.)

Fink, Champion of the Sand Cloaks

Fink is a bit like Vlox: he copies EAs rather than sharing them with others.  While he does have a range limit of 3 spaces to find a unit to copy from, he can copy all the Event Abilities that unit may have, whether directly from an EA card, or indirectly from sharing. 

That's all the units I will show this week, but I will end by pointing out something many of you have commented on.  The faction symbol of each Alliance faction is a combination of the symbols of the two factions forming the alliance.  Compare the card backs for Cloaks, Sand Cloaks, and Sand Goblins:

Cloak back

Sand Cloaks back

Sand Goblin back

What's more, we can see a tendency to use a combination of the color schemes.  Marek's unit and Event cards in particular show a combination of the grey of the Cloaks and the sandy bronze of the Sand Goblins.

Now I can recuperate from the trip. See you next week!

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