Dead of Winter pre-orders are on their way! European orders are nearly off the boat, Canadian orders are headed through Canadian customs, and US/other international orders are on their way! That means it's time, if you haven't yet, to join the community forums at!

In the context of the Twitterverse and Facebook and Reddit (all great tools), online forums are a bit of an old-school throwback. But an active fan forum serves a purpose that other more modern web communities can't: fostering and growing the most passionate fans and giving hardcore Dougs a place to connect, have fun and discuss their favorite games with a deep analysis that wouldn''t make much sense to most people less into the games.

Forums are tough to get rolling nowadays; people are more used to other social media. But the forums are still partying like it's 1999 (you know, like when forums were popular).

Joining the Plaid Hat Games forums is the spark that helped take me from being a big fan of Summoner Wars to part of a blog to coding this site to all of the sudden hanging out with the Plaid Hat crew in Boston for three days demoing games and having fun. The forums have also kept my fandom going much longer than for any other game I've played. Although I do think Summoner Wars is the greatest game ever, surely I'd have grown bored of it by now if not for the epic community at

Now another generation of Dougs can participate in that unique chance to dive into a game they love with other enthusiastic fans. The Dead of Winter forums are now open! Share your custom creations from the Crossroad Card generator, discuss strategy, speculate on the next Crossroads game, and wonder aloud when Dungeon Run 2 will arrive.

See you on the inside!

Click here to visit the Dead of Winter forums.


KAM commented:


Posted on 2014-08-07.

lucaslordelo commented:

Hello, guys! i just sent you an email but i also would like to leave a quick comment here. I received a game today from you, but for my surprise, was not the dead of winter game! I hope this mistake do not prevent me to get my copy! please contact me to solve the problem.

Posted on 2014-08-07.

Atsur commented:

Power to the people!!! (And the zombies, they were people too)

Posted on 2014-08-07.

joepinion commented:

lucas, definitely e-mail Colby and crew directly, [email protected]

Posted on 2014-08-08.

jehman commented:

Just got my copy!! Can't wait to get the group together to try it out!

Posted on 2014-08-09.

TomoRobo commented:

The game is amazing! We must have played 8 times over the weekend. I think my wife is addicted. Well done, gents!

Posted on 2014-08-11.

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