If you've been itching to play Dead of Winter, or at least see as much as you can on it, we've got a treat for you!

Rodney, Andrea and Luke Smith are doing a full playthrough of the game, with your help!

Rodney Smith's award-winning Watch it Played YouTube channel is featuring Dead of Winter over the next couple weeks. Each video will be a about a round or so of the game. They're really getting into the story, with great made-up backstories for their initial characters and everything. (I definitely want to do that when I get my copy!)

Best of all YOU get to help decide what Rodney does on his turn by leaving a comment or voting on comments after each video.

Check out the first turn below and subscribe to Watch it Played to get notified the moment new videos are uploaded.

They're playing the hardcore variant of their scenario, which I have to say is a fiendish move by Rodney considering his secret objective. (You'll have to watch the video.)

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