Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

"Watch It Played" Begins New Season

Web Show to Feature Summoner Wars

A few months ago, the board game YouTube channel WatchItPlayed, created by Canadian Rodney Smith (and featuring his kids Andrea and Luke), published a series of videos in which Rodney and his kids played through a full game of Dungeon Run.

WatchItPlayed is gaining quite a following, and for good reason. Rodney produces great videos, and his family just seems like a blast to play games with. That's why I was so excited this morning to log on and see that WatchItPlayed has uploaded their first video of their new season, featuring Summoner Wars!

The first video is up, in which Rodney teaches the game. He does a great job and this is definitely the game I would direct people to in order to teach Summoner Wars. Subscribe to Rodney's channel and follow along with us. Between each gameplay video, viewers get a chance to suggest the next move. I've never been so excited for a video about a board game I already own!

Here's hoping that Rodney or his daughter pick the Mountain Vargath to battle. And remember: It's always more fun to root against Rodney and for his kids.