What's this? BattleCON by Level99 Games on the Plaid Hat Games site?

Level 99 Games just announced over at their BattleCON: War Remastered Kickstarter campaign that Prince Elien of Summoner Wars fame will be featured as a character in the newest BattleCON remix!

Immortal Elien

Check out their latest update at the campaign, where they have the following to say about Prince Elien in the tradtional 2D video game fighter simulator:

In celebration of the upcoming Alliances Master Set for Summoner Wars, Plaid Hat Games and Level 99 have teamed up to bring you a BattleCON Promo Fighter: Prince Elien! After his alliance with the Fallen Kingdom, Elien has gained new dark powers and immortality. He brings these new powers to the arena by using both summoned allies and his own magic to duel in BattleCON!

Oooh, dark new powers! Apparently this is the Elien who roams the battlefield after an alliance is made with the Fallen Kingdom

Gotta say I'm impressed with the cartoon-style but still badass art they've come up with for this undead incarnation of Elien. Check out the Kickstarter and consider backing! Plaid Hat Games is honored to be involved. Congrats to Level 99 Games on what already looks like a very successful Kickstarter campaign! We look forward to playing the final product.



CupidsArt commented:

That does look sick!

Posted on 2014-06-06.

KAM commented:

Cool--Crossover! I've got Devastation of Indines waiting to be played, and am eager to try it out.
But GRRRR, I'm trying to kick my Kickstarter habit.

Posted on 2014-06-06.

Hilgendwarf commented:

He looks great!

Posted on 2014-06-06.

smoox commented:


Posted on 2014-06-06.

thenobleknave commented:

Elien's will made it so.

Posted on 2014-06-06.

Adam commented:

Now we need Cadenza to crossover as a SW mercenary.

Posted on 2014-06-06.

Caleb Wolfbrand commented:

This is fantastic!

Posted on 2014-06-06.

mid-boss commented:

This looks seriously cool!
I might have prefered another summoner, but I'm not letting that dampen my spirits!


Posted on 2014-06-06.

Recna commented:

Wow never thought I say this but Elien looks awesome.

Posted on 2014-06-06.

BTBAM commented:


Posted on 2014-06-06.

tortugatron commented:

This might just be my first kickstarter. Hopefully it isn't a slippery slope.

Posted on 2014-06-07.

BuckWilde commented:

Do it, tortugatron. Peer pressure is sometimes good!

Posted on 2014-06-07.

Anoir commented:

Looking into this game. Now I'll have to purchase it to get my Immortal Elien on.

Posted on 2014-06-07.

tortugatron commented:

I backed it. At first what I pledged ($175 for War, Devastation, extended editions and strikers) seemed to be too much for a single game, but then I just remember the $350 or so that I've spend on SW and I'm ok with it. :)

Posted on 2014-06-10.

BuckWilde commented:

That's the ticket, tortugatron!

Posted on 2014-06-11.

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