Summoner Wars, now for Google Play Android Kindle Fire devices!STOP THE PRESSES!

Playdek Games, the masterminds behind the Summoner Wars iPhone/iPad app, is TODAY releasing the Google Play / Android / Kindle Fire version of the app!

Update: It's here!

BGG iOS News got the scoop. The app features all the factions and AIs currently on iOS, and it is cross-compatible, meaning iOS and Android players can face each other online. This is Playdek's first Android app and Plaid Hat Games is honored to be involved.

Here's Playdek CEO Joel Goodman on the possibility of releasing new factions in the future:

"Summoner Wars has an extensive depth of game play content, which is wonderful to have as a developer. We do not have a firm timetable right now, but what we would like to work through in our future content deliveries for Summoner Wars are the four remaining factions for the Master Set along with The Filth and Mercenaries, as well as the Second Summoners sets. We would like to complete the content balance for the game, so that it is completely set up for online tournament play through our multi-platform system."

Amen to that. In the meantime, you can pick up faction packs for $2 or everything for just $8. (Best deal!) The initial download, presumably including the Phoenix Elves, is free.

Joel also hinted at Playdek-run Summoner Wars tournaments coming down the road. Hopefully they're drawing inspiration from Plaid Hat Games' tortugatron-powered official iOS tourneys. I'm trying to move on to round three currently!

Compatibility note: Here's what Playdek has to say about device compatibility:

"We support all Android devices that have a GPU, with the exception of those with a Mali chip. All Mali chip devices will be supported in a future update. We also support all Kindle Fire devices, excluding the 1st Generation Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire TV."

Go download the Summoner Wars app from Google Play or the Amazon App Store today. See you in the threnches!