So, Colby sent this to me last week to post. I watched it, enjoyed it, and then forgot to post it here. Until I just heard this week's podcast!

Click here to watch a Google hangout between Jerry Hawthorne, designer of Mice and Mystics, and John Ariosa, artist for Mice and Mystics!

They've got John's screen up, so you can see him working on Mice and Mystics Downwood Tales stuff. All kinds of fun discussion and info! Check it out.


casp3365 commented:

It's really cool, but it ends wierd. Is it just me?

Posted on 2014-04-25.

ariosa commented:

no, there were internet issues and we got cut off :(

Posted on 2014-04-25.

CupidsArt commented:

A chance to watch another artist work!?! I'm in!!!

Posted on 2014-04-25.

BTBAM commented:

This was awesome. I loved it.

Posted on 2014-04-25.

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