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Dead of Winter Preview #7 - Release Date Update

Release Date Update

So, it's been awhile since we've previewed or updated you all on Dead of Winter.  For that I apologize.  We had a production snag that put us behind schedule.  I've been pushing the printer to do their best to catch us up and was waiting for solid information on a new release schedule before bringing you all the news.  As it currently stands we have approved a first off the press copy which showed up just in time for PAX East.  Production is expected to wrap up at the end of April.  At that time it will be in transit for around 40 days.  Once we have it in hand we will be working around the clock to ship it to pre-order customers.  After all pre-orders have been shipped it will then go out to stores.  1,478 people have preordered Dead of Winter to date! Here are the voting stats:

1. Lost in Space - 37% (- 1%)

2. Feudal Japan - 22% (- 1%)

3. Deep Underground 19% (- 1%)

4. Summer Camp 22% (+ 1%)

Here are some pics from PAX of that production copy I mentioned.

From twitter user @BoardGameReplay

From our own @AlexEding

From @rhiochs

You might notice a slight bowing to the cards in the pics above.  That will not be the case in your copy.  In order to get the game to PAX in time this one copy didn't got through the climate control process that prevents bowing.

Here are some things PAX attendees were saying about the game:

"Can I give it a hug?" - Sarah (Quote as remembered by Isaac. She then proceeded to hug the box.)

"I can not tell you how much I'm looking forward to Dead of Winter!" - @NazcaGames

"Victory for the colony and ALL personal objectives completed in Dead of Winter! Amazing game!" @BoardGameReplay

" was too beautiful to live in such an ugly world. " - @rhiochs

"The zombie thing is there but not really. They just show up. If too many of them show up, horrible things happen. It's not the focus of the game. The focus of the game is on survival of the group and survival of the self (or just the self, Betrayer). That's why I like this game. There's so much stuff going on it really feels collaborative more than cooperative if that makes sense. I will definitely be preordering this. If for no other reason as to have Kodiak Colby all to myself." - rhiochs on BGG

"Just played Dead of Winter at Fantastic! My pre-order is in! " - @chrisndennis

Sorry, to be the bearer of bad news on the delay.  We mitigated it as much as possible and our team is doing everything possible to get it to you as quickly as possible. (Whew! That's a lot of possibles.)


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