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Plaid Hat Games at PAX East!

Visit our booth, attend a panel where Colby is featured

PAX East

Spring is finally (sorta) here in Ohio; it's time to gear up for convention season!

It all starts April 11-13, when Plaid Hat Games will have a strong presence at PAX East in Boston, MA. We'll be manning a booth with lots of space for demoing games! Come play a round of Summoner Wars, BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia, or even Dead of Winter!

You can also attend a panel Colby will be sitting on, called "Lost in Translation: Do Crossovers Work?" hosted by Brad Cummings at 1:30 pm on Sunday.

Colby, Isaac, Alex, and others will be on hand. Please, come by, say hi, demo a game, and sing the Plaid Hat Podcast theme song along with us. Maybe give Isaac a kiss.

I'll be there too. My plan is to Vine as much as possible. I recommend following me on Vine (twitter name joepinion) and Alex on Vine (AlexEding on twitter). I plan on Vining the PAX East Plaid Hat Games experience as much as humanly possible, and convincing Alex to do the same. (It shouldn't be hard since he actually Vines regularly and I don't.) I'll try to put a twitter feed here and post to both when all that begins, so you can just revisit this news post if you're not a Vine person.

See you in Boston!