summoner wars intergalactical midwest championship

Saturday, April 19, 2014. 1:00 pm EDT. Woodville, Ohio (on the outskirts of the outskirts of Toledo, Ohio). It's the SUMMONER WARS INTERGALACTICAL MIDWEST CHAMPIONSHIP!! You can tell it's official by the intense logo.

Colby Dauch, creator of Summoner Wars, is hosting a Summoner Wars tournament April 19 (the day before Easter) at the OFFICIAL Plaid Hat Games headquarters in Woodville, Ohio just west of Fremont.

Whether you're a beginner or a fully naturalized Doug, you can come, participate in the tournament for free, meet Colby and the suave Isaac Vega (among others), and win stuff in our Summoner Wars tournament!

No matter if you win or lose, you'll get to play five games of Summoner Wars due to the swiss style of the tournament. And it's ONE DECK TO RULE THEM ALL format, so you only need your best deck to have a chance to win (you can switch in a limited number of cards to your deck each round).

I'll be there, as will other prominent members of the forums. But even if you're not a grizzled summoning vet, we guarantee a friendly and fun atmosphere. There will be an opportunity to demo Dead of Winter after the tournament. Plus you'll get to visit the impressive 60-floor Plaid Hat Games headquarters, with built in bowling alley and fro-yo bar. (Oh, actually the event page says it's in a building that says "Ohio Lime Company" on it.)

Go to the event's page for all the details, including the address and detailed tournament rules. If you're coming, let us know in the comments here, the comments on the event page, or by replying on the related forum post.

See you all there!