Ret-Talus' army is on the move! Sensing a weakness in your chosen Faction's defenses, Ret-Talus is sending forth his entire army to annihilate your people (or goats/goblins/dwarves/orcs) once and for all. Streaming in non-stop, Space Invader-style, the relentlessness of the Fallen Kingdom has never been so fierce.

If you can defeat Ret-Talus in this battle, you will have dealt his decaying army a crushing blow. But if your Summoner is defeated, or if a single Fallen Kingdom unit reaches the bottom row of the battlefield, your kingdom may be lost forever. The stakes have never been higher!

The following is an unofficial Solo Scenario for Summoner Wars. If you don't have enough fellow Summoners to play with consistently, give this scenario a try! It offers a dynamic challenge to your hand management, magic management, and dice rolling skills.

During the game, you will start with your Summoner alone on the board. There are no walls; you may summon units on the two corner spaces closest to you. Fallen Kingdom units pour in two or three at a time at the battlefield's top row (farthest from you). Their blood lust drives them towards your bottom row. If they reach it, you and your people (or goats/goblins/dwarves/orcs) are doomed!

For full rules and details keep reading below:


  • 1x Ret-Talus Fallen Kingdom deck
  • 1x Goodwin's Blade deck
  • Any other Faction deck of your choice


  • Remove Ret-Talus, all 3 Walls, and all Ret-Talus event cards from the Fallen Kingdom deck (leaving Dragos, Elut-Bal, Skhull, 5x Reapers, 7x Skeletal Archers, and 6x Zombie Warriors). You will not use Ret-Talus or his Events/Walls for this scenario.
  • Take all Fallen Kingdom units from Goodwin's Blade (Anica, 5x Cultists, 5x Phantoms, and 5x Reavers) and add them to the Fallen Kingdom deck (minus Ret-Talus, Walls and Events).
  • Shuffle this revised Fallen Kingdom deck. Count out 15 cards, placing them off the board in a face-down pile near the top draw pile (the draw pile farthest away from you).
  • Place the rest of the cards face-down on the top draw pile.
  • Choose your own tournament-legal deck of any Faction. Remove all three Walls.
  • Place your Summoner on any space on your side of the battlefield.
  • Place the entire rest of your deck face down on your draw pile. (Ignore the Summoner's starting setup.)
  • You take the first turn, then the Fallen Kingdom, then you, etc.

Victory Conditions:

You must eliminate every single Fallen Kingdom unit in the deck. You lose if either of the following happens:

  • Your Summoner is destroyed, OR
  • even ONE Fallen Kingdom unit reaches your bottom row.

On Your Turn:

Take a normal game turn, as if you were playing a regular game of Summoner Wars, with the following exceptions:

  • Take your entire turn even during the first turn.
  • Since you have no Walls, when Summoning units, consider the two corner spaces nearest you to be "adjacent to Walls" for Summoning and other purposes.
  • Some events will be useless due to the nature of the scenario (Mimic, Beseige the Walls, etc). These events are still useful for building magic.

On the Fallen Kingdom's Turn:


The Fallen Kingdom's turn is not at all normal. Follow these phases in order:

  1. Movement: Every Fallen Kingdom unit on the board gets a chance to move. The order in which the units move is from bottom row (the row closest to you) to top row. In other words, the units in the lowest row move first, then the next lowest row, etc., and the units in the top row move last. If there is more than one unit in one row, the leftmost unit moves first (usually it won't make a difference). This phase will be skipped during the Fallen Kingdom's first turn. When moving a unit, follow these rules:
    1. For the first move, the unit will move one space DOWN, UNLESS that space already contains a card, OR if the unit has an enemy unit adjacent to the left or right of it. (The unit still moves down if there is only an adjacent enemy unit one space above it.)
    2. The unit then moves one more time, according to the same rules (moves down a second space, unless the space is filled or there is an adjacent enemy unit to the left or right).
  2. Summoning: More Fallen Kingdom units join the fray! Each turn, you will add TWO Fallen Kingdom units from the top of the Fallen Kingdom draw pile. No magic points are paid to summon the units. Once the draw pile is empty, put the last 15 cards (that you set aside earlier) on the draw pile space and add THREE unitseach turn from now on. Once those cards run out, skip this phase. For each unit added, perform the following steps:
    1. The unit will be placed on the top row of the battlefield (farthest from you). Roll a six-sided die to determine which space the unit is placed on. (If you roll a 1, place the unit on the leftmost space. For a 2, the next space over, etc.) If that space is already occupied, roll again until you find an unoccupied space. (If there are no unoccupied spaces in the top row, you lose.)
    2. Immediately move the just-placed unit one space down according to the movement rules above.
  3. Attacking: Every Fallen Kingdom unit on the board gets a chance to attack your units. They attack using the same order as movement (lowest row first, from left to right). Fallen Kingdom units always attack YOUR units, not friendly units. If there is more than one eligible target, choose which unit is targeted according to this priority:
    1. If your Summoner is an eligible target, the unit always attacks your Summoner.
    2. Next, the unit looks for any unit impeding its movement below it (closer to you).
    3. In order, the rest of the priority list is as follows: a unit towards the middle of the board, a unit towards the edge of the board, and last, a unit above (farther away from you).
    4. Destroyed units go to the Fallen Kingdom magic pile, even though the magic is never spent.

Special Fallen Kingdom Unit Notes:

The Fallen Kingdom units' special powers always trigger, and work as normal, with the following exceptions:

  • Zombie Warrior: When Infect triggers, new Zombie Warrior units can be found from the Fallen Kingdom's magic pile or YOUR discard pile. The new Zombie Warrior may attack that very turn if its space in the attack sequence has not yet been passed.
  • Phantom: If there is more than one eligible target for Possess, the Phantom chooses the unit with the most life left. If there is a tie, use the attack priority rules above to choose. If Possess is successful, the newly possessed unit may move that very turn if its space in the move sequence has not yet been passed.
  • Reaver: When Undying is successful, the Reaver re-locates one space below the attacking unit if that space is clear. (Note that this could result in an immediate loss if your attacking unit was in the next to last row!) If that space is not clear, the Reaver stays where he is without relocating. (Even if the attacking unit wasn't adjacent.)

For your first battle with this scenario, I recommend the standard Shadow Elves deck. If you find that too easy, switch out Malidala for another Champion. (She is quite powerful in this scenario!) Not every Faction has been playtested with this scenario, so I cannot promise a balanced game every time. However, I do know that many of the factions are quite difficult to win with!

Surely, questions will come up about how to play certain cards or deal with certain powers. Use your best judgement! Since this scenario is unofficial, there is no official answer.