Two new unit bios are up in the Summoner Wars area of the site, and they're for our two newest summoners!

Click here to read the lore for Nikuya Na of the Jungle Elves.

Click here to read the lore for Jexik of the Cloaks.

Both of these two new decks will be in stores soon. They're both full decks that play right out of the box, compatible with any Summoner Wars Starter Set or Master Set.

Click here to pre-order Jexik, or here to pre-order Nikuya Na.

Spacebiff has a battle report.


champrjk commented:

Haha, I especially liked the bit about the steaks being half off.

Posted on 2014-02-27.

killercactus commented:

Yeah - on "third days"

Posted on 2014-02-27.

Zaid commented:

Interesting that the Cloaks are siding with the Sand Goblins though. I imagine that's the natural progression, each faction will have an alliance forming with another.

These bios leave something to be desired. I'm not sure if it's the tone, writing style, or dialogue.

Posted on 2014-02-27.

glenn3e commented:

The Jungle Elves are their own enemies. And is that pooping Goblin the new SG summoner?

Posted on 2014-02-27.

-Sarge- commented:

I'm hoping for the Gob who got smarter via brain damage. :)

Posted on 2014-02-27.

sitnam90 commented:

I really liked the Nikuya bio, though since the JE dont really have a rival with any other faction I wish something would epxplain their involvement in the summoner wars.

Jexik was fun, and the SG alliance is interesting. I wonder what other alliances we shall see? And do things like the SNeeks/Frick partnership count as an alliance since they are same race?

Posted on 2014-02-27.

killercactus commented:

Sneeks sent Frick to war to die... I wouldn't call that an alliance.

But then again, goblins eat each other routinely. Who knows?

And I think Cloaks and Sand Goblins make a lot of sense. Th Cloaks survive by fighting dirty. The Sand Goblins fight by surviving dirty.

Posted on 2014-02-28.

Adam commented:

Jexik's bio was hilarious. I guess the pooping goblin is Kreep, from his bio.

But poor Abua... :(

Posted on 2014-02-28.

Setharillius commented:

I liked the summoner bios, but the other new ones didn't engage me.

Posted on 2014-02-28.

BuckWilde commented:

This just confirmed how awesome Nikuya Na is. Don't mess with him, or he'll burp poison gas in your face.

Posted on 2014-02-28.

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