Hello Sir, 

We have received considerable more information from our scouts about the new Cloak summoner Jexik.  We have already learned much about the Cloaks' bent toward sneak attacks and assassination, but their ability to move with surprising rapidity is much greater than we previously knew.  For one thing, his .command and control is better than we see in most summoners: he can mobilize more troops in lesser time. 

Jexic, Summoner of the Cloaks

He also uses his stone to teleport any number of his troops to his home area.  This enables both quick retreats and rapid flanking maneuvers.  While this is an alarming advantage, our analysts believe that this has a high cost in summoning magic, so it is not an unlimited resource. 

Vanish, a Jexik Event card

Our scouts in the jungle believe there is not much more to report about Nikuya Na, at least concerning his work with his stone.  He uses it for poison clouds, and for enhancing his troops' attack, defense, movement and health.  There is no known other use he has, though of course the tools he uses will vary depending on the situation. 

Spirit of the Jungle, a Nikuya Na Event card

But they have learned of another champion following him.  Jujugara, as he is called, has an even more direct tie to the jungle creatures than his leader.  His shamanic powers let him take on the attributes of any beast that is fighting with them.  He has been seen running with the lions, attacking with the hyenas and gorillas, and even trampling like an elephant, amazing though that sounds. 

Jujugara, Champion of the Jungle Elves

The scouts believe there are probably no further new troops to report on besides what we already know.  I plan to keep them in place for a while longer, and then reassign most of them to the next trouble spots that arise.