Hello sir, 

We have learned more about the new jungle Elf summoner Nikuya Na.  While his use of poison is a new development, it is not the only strength he has to wield.  By our latest report, he also uses his summoning stone to give his troops brief bursts of great speed.  

Spirit of the Cheetah, a Nikuya Nu Event card 

He also has a very useful companion in an enormous albino tiger.  Not only is it a terrifying foe in combat, it acts as a mount for Nikuya Na, letting him move quickly in and out of the thick of battle. 

Miti Kyru, Champion of the Jungle Elves

Our scouts observing the Cloaks are now certain there is a new summoner among them.  Among the new tactics the Cloaks have developed is the ability to move suddenly from one enemy summoning wall to another.  For all the natural skills of stealth and deception the Cloaks develop, we cannot see how this could be accomplished without the aid of a stone.

Clever Diversion, a Jexik Event card

Their subterfuge is also manifest in another Champion among them, who apparently can use illusions while fighting, making it hard for her opponents to strike her.  

Kyra, Champion of the Cloaks

The scouts are doing all they can to learn more about this new summoner.