Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Poison and Purloining

More news of second summoners

Hello sir.  I hope you have enjoyed the midwinter festival.  

The most important news I have for you is that it is confirmed: there is a new summoner among the Elves of the jungle.  His name is Nikuya Na, and he specializes in the poison we learned of in the last report.  It is not just a hunting weapon turned on their opponents, but he uses his stone to bring clouds of poison upon others from a distance. 

Nikuya Nu, Summoner of the Jungle Elves

One of his champions also uses the poison in new ways.  According to the report Makgongo is a fearsome fighter with his knives, but he doubles both his deadliness and fearsomeness by coating his knives with that poison.

Mackgongo, Champion of the Jungle Elves

We also have interesting news about the Cloaks.  Our scouts say that the thieving they are known to perform has seen an increase, and is performed by some who have trained for other tasks than thievery.  

Heist, a Cloak event card

There are also rumors of a new Cloak champion called Spider, who applies the techniques of their Theives to attack rather than steal.  These rumors say that he is so adept he can even wound summoners.

Spider, Champion of the Cloaks

One or two of our analysts believe this news is evidence of a new Cloak summoner.  The others point out that we shouldn't jump to conclusions, and that the simpler explanations -- like extra Thievery training among other Cloaks specialists -- are more likely.  I share both the suspicions and the cautions.  Time will tell what the truth of this all is of course, but I am confident our scouts will discover it sooner rather than later.