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Dead of Winter Preview #2

And Update on the Voting

We are now at 404 preorders.  Thanks everyone!!  The percentages on the voting are as follows:

1. Lost in Space - 36% (+/- 0%)

2. Feudal Japan - 25% (+ 1%)

3. Deep Underground 22% (+ 1%)

4. Summer Camp 17% (- 2%)

We of course have been having a lot of conversations about the different themes.  We've left them vague on purpose because we want room to work and we want to inspire your imaginations on what they could be.  But here are some of our thoughts:

Lost in Space: The feelings of isolation are immense.  You've woken up from cryogenic sleep.  The ship's AI has guided you off course.  You are in unknown space, and if the ship's time is correct everyone you've ever known, and maybe even the human race no longer exists.  Your other crew members may be all that's left, but they are all coming apart at the seams, and who can blame them.  Lost in Space could be all interior to the space ship.  Maybe you are fighting against the ship's AI and your own and other's deteriating mental condition.  Maybe you are exploring space in an attempt to map your coordinates and run into all sorts of outside threats and situations.  Lots of options here.

Feudal Japan: Our thoughts here have mostly been area control war game wrought with political intrigue.  But here is the twist, the creatures of ancient Japanese mythology... turns out they are real and they've been awakened by one of the families in a dark ritual as a grab for power.  Now you must find a way to work with the other families that you've spent generations warring against to defend against this new threat.  You must survive this together... but if you come out of this nightmare as the new dominant family, all the better.  We think an art style that puts a twist on classic Japaneese period art could be really fun for this one.

Deep Underground: Your way out is sealed off.  You must press onward exploring more of the cave system in hopes of finding another way out.  Your light sources are failing.  The thought of the earth pressing in all around you is overwhelming.  It is so dark down here and you can't get it out of your head that there is something moving in that darkness.

Summer Camp:  This could be a fantastic horror story setting.  My thoughts are that the camp counselors are all dead from some unknown killer threat.  The kids are going all Lord of the Flies out here on their own.  We can play up childhood archetypes.  I like the idea of a cool gritty cartoon art style here.

Okay on to the previews for the game at hand.  The search decks in the game are very important.  It is the main way of finding the resources you need to survive.  You have some direct control over finding the items you need.  Different locations are more likely to produce certain items, but space at a location is limited and the number of zombies at that location is always a consideration you have to make.  Additionally you can make noise when searching to look at additional cards.  You still only get to keep 1 of them.  For each noise made at a location (1 noise allows you to look at 1 additional card) there is a 50% chance that an additional zombie will be drawn to that location.  Today's preview is showing off some of the goodies you might find out there in those search decks.

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