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Dead of Winter Preview #1

And Update on the Voting

The orders are rolling in.  We've had 234 of them so far.  The voting on which theme we will tackle next with crossroads is currently at:

1. Lost in Space - 36%

2. Feudal Japan - 24%

3. Deep Underground 21%

4. Summer Camp 19%

WARNING: If you don't want to read about some of the story elements until they happen to you organically in the game we suggest you skip over reading the Crossroads cards in this and upcoming previews.

This week's preview gives you some insight on the Crossroads cards.  Crossroads cards are really one of the stars of the game so we want to show off how they work a bit.  In this preview we show you how we incorperate individual character's stories into the game via crossroads cards.  A character's crossroad card might trigger once in fifteen games, so different play throughs lead to different stories and character narratives.  In this crossroad you can see how a character could have a big impact on the game.

Note that the first line of text that is in italics in the trigger.  On your turn of the game the player to your right draws a crossroad card and watches for the trigger.  In this case if you currently control Bev, or would happen to add Bev to your following during the corse of your turn, the player to your right would stop you and read the entire contents of the crossroad card aloud.  You would then, with full knowledge of their effects, choose between option 1 and option 2.

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