There is a new Kickstarter project that we want you to know about: 

Board Game Storage Chests, Tokens, Inserts & More

Bobby Griggs at has spent a lot of time designing, testing and improving a large set of gaming storage and other accessories, and is now running this project to take advantage of the economies of scale to make them available cheaply to a lot of people.  His products are not only of general gaming interest, but they include items specifically designed for Summoner Wars!  For example: 

A Bit Box for Summoner Wars Components

SWs Bit Box

Notice how the lid slides into the groove set up for it and has tabs to lock it in place at the back.  The lid will be engraved with thw Summoner Wars logo:

Among the bits you may want to include are: 

Summoner Wars Damage Tokens

Summoner Wars damage tokens

These are double-sided tokens, e.g. 1/2, 3/4.  (This image is of generic damage tokens.  The SWs tokens do not go above 7/8, and are mostly 1/2.)

Summoner Wars Master Set Insert

Master Set Insert

This is designed to fit inside the second edition Master Set box.  Here it is filled with all of Bobby's SWs collection:

MS Insert, filled

Extra Insert Dividers 

Insert dividers

Storage Chest

Storage Chest

The ultimate storage is a separate chest, with 4 lanes for cards, 2 outside lanes for bits, and a tray that fits on top for boards, rules and other things: 

Chest insideChest tray


Although Plaid Hat Games is not running this project, we do endorse it. The specific Summoner Wars products are officially licensed, and he includes a Summoner Package pledge level with many of them for $37.  He also offers products and pledge levels specialized for other popular games, but his overall product line is very adaptable to many games, including other PHG products.  Check it out!