This is the story of a marriage proposal via Summoner Wars. I, Perry Friesen (Freezinpee on the forums) and Amber Dressler (Sagesolstice on the forums) had gotten engaged earlier in the week when I proposed on stage, where our favourite improv group performs.

So in turn Sagesolstice wanted to propose also. So we went on a Summoner Wars date to our favourite board gaming venue, Dragons Den games. We played an odd match-up. I was Samual Farthen's Vanguards and she was the Benders. It was a regular game and early in the game she played an event card during the event phase of course.

I look at this card in her discard like "What is that card?? that doesn't look like a card in there, What's going on?!". She reads the card verbatim while on one knee. I was blown away and couldn't believe it.

I, of course, said yes and went ahead and won the game anyway despite the fact she played the best event card ever. I asked her how she made it and she told me she painstakingly took a Hero is Born Bender event card and did it all on paint, bit by bit. printed it out like a photo with the back included and glued them together. It looks flawless.

Proposed Matrimony

The engaged couple.