After a hiatus in order to try to give some time for Playdek to fix the Summoner Wars restore purchases bug, we have moved forward with the start of the Summoner Wars Fall iOS tournament. After a successful tournament in the sprint, tortugatron is at it again, being generous enough with his time to run another massive 108-player tournament for us.

If you are one of the competitors, you can start your matches now! Go to the official thread to see who you're up against; start adding friends from within the app and get started!

Some are still dealing with the Playdek bug; for that reason we've modified the rules for this tournament so that each competitor can play whatever deck they want every single match. So those who can't get their purchases restored can still compete by playing the Phoenix Elves.

Remember, the winner gets a $100 gift card. Click here to see the round one pools.


tortugatron commented:

A player has dropped out in my division, so if anyone wants in they can sign up here or in the thread linked above in the next couple days.

Posted on 2013-11-11.

eryanschroeder commented:

Hey Tortugatron! Is that position still open in the brackets? I'd be thrilled to fill it if I may. This would be my first tourney. My name on play deck is the same as it is here.

Posted on 2013-11-12.

tortugatron commented:

Sorry but I think it might be a bit too late for that. If I saw this earlier then maybe, but I've been really busy the last couple days. It wouldn't be fair to the others to have them start games with someone that they might not even know they need to play until they check online. I would need to get permission from the other 5 people in the pool and that will take time too. There will be another tournament in the winter so you can sign up for that one when the time comes!

Posted on 2013-11-13.

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