Did you catch that apparition in the corner of your eye? Blink and it's gone! Either I'm going crazy or the castle has a real life ghost! Between the presence of raiding pirates in the castle and this potential poltergeist, another adventure awaits for Colin and his companions!

The Ghost of Castle Andon is the second downloadable chapter for Mice and Mystics. For 99 cents, you get a brand new chapter--a lost chapter--in the tale of Colin and his friends. This scenario uses six mice of your choice.

Click here to visit the PlaidHatGames.com store to get the full details and to purchase the lost chapter.


Adam commented:

This looks great! Perhaps I just need to read it, but I'm wondering just out of curiosity if this fits in a specific or general place in the timeline of the story.

Posted on 2013-09-29.

Setharillius commented:

Yes. Halloween. :P

Posted on 2013-09-29.

Roderic_Cliche commented:

Got it! It fits in between the two existing stories, as noted in the first page of this new document. Also, it looks fun. :)

Posted on 2013-10-01.

PassiveAssassin commented:

Finished playing through over the last two nights- definitely one of my favorite chapters in the game! It adds a totally new mini-story with some really cool mechanics, and (as usual) the art is excellent.

Great deal for 99 cents.

Posted on 2013-10-01.

nausicaakro commented:

ah! a very good (new) chapter for me and my friends in italy.
thanks a lot!

Posted on 2013-10-13.

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