Summoner Wars for iOS is now at 10 factions! To celebrate, our Fall 2013 iOS Tournament begins soon! Give it up to Tortugatron. After running a grueling 108-competitor tournament in the Spring, he's at it again, running this Fall's contest as well!

The format will be similar to last time, in which you have to use 5 different factions each round of the tournament, playing 5 games at a time in the 3-day format.

Check the forums September 22nd for sign-ups. Don't sign up here or in the general information thread.

Once again, a $100 gift card will be awarded to the winner! Get excited!

Basic Info (more or less the same as the last one)

  • The tournament will be limited to 108 competitors.
  • All tournament matches must be at a 3-day per participant time limit in the app. (That means each match could end up lasting up to 6 days.)
  • Competitors will initially be split into 18 pools of 6 competitors each.
  • Each week of the tournament, each pool will play a simultaneous round robin (every member of the pool playing every other member of the pool once). That means each competitor will be playing 5 matches at a time.
  • Each round will be in the style of a Five for Fighting tournament. This means that you MUST play as 5 different factions in each pool. If a competitor fails to use 5 different factions each round, they will be disqualified.
  • At the end of the week, the top 2 competitors in each pool will move on and be reorganized into 6 pools of 6 players each, and the process will repeat for those competitors.
  • At the end of week 2, the top 2 competitors in each pool will combine for the final 2 pools.
  • At the end of week 3, the top 2 competitors for both of the final pools will participate in a 4 competitor playoff.
  • The 2 winners of the semi-final matches will go on to play a final match to be crowned the champion. Also, the losers of the semi-final matches will play for 3rd place. For these matches you may use any of the factions, but you MUST play as 2 different factions.
  • New this tournament: In each playoff match, the competitor with the best overall record gets to choose ONE faction that their opponent cannot play as in that match.
  • Results of each match must be reported in the Signup/Results thread (to be posted on the 22nd). Try to post ALL your results for that week at the same time. This will help greatly to keep track of everything. You may use this thread for discussion about the tournament. Please do not post anything other than signing up and results on the Signup/Results thread.


Click here to visit the official information and discussion thread.