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Samuel and Mad Sirian Podcasts

A Doug's Guide covers the newest Summoners 200%

A Doug's Guide to Summoner Wars, which is a sorta unofficial podcast all about Summoner Wars, has released its newest two extra-long episodes. I can't stress enough how enjoyable this podcast is if you are a fan of Summoner Wars. Card analysis, unit strategy, and deck-building ideas, tournament updates and more are part of this party.

The newest two episodes, both released today, deal with the newest two Second Summoners, Mad Sirian and Samuel Farthen, respectively. Go on a long run or car drive, or download them while you're working and soak in the Summoner Wars goodness.

Click here to downlaid the Fallen Kingdom Mad Sirian episode.

Click here to download the Vanguard Samuel Farthen episode.

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