Welcome back readers! This has been quite the eventful week here at PHG. Due to missing this article last week, I'll be reporting on things that have happened this week, and last week!

New Packages On Their Way

Mice and Mystics: Heart of Glorm Expansion PRE-ORDER   BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia   Summoner Wars: Vanguards Second Summoner PRE-ORDER   Summoner Wars: Fallen Kingdom Second Summoner PRE-ORDER

Firstly, I'd like to say that Bioshock Infinite, Mice & Mystics: The Heart of Glorm, and the VG/FK Second Summoners are shipping, and I'm sure many of you have already gotten them, and those of you who haven't yet, I'm sure they're on their way (note: BioShock is on its way to distributers. The Second Summoners and Heart of Glorm are shipping to PHG.com pre-orderers; the rest of them are on the boat from China)! So much Plaid Hat merchandise has been shipped to my house in the last week, it's unreal!

The Last of Sirian's Undead

Hirud, Champion of the Fallen Kingdom

Last week we saw the last of Sirian's troops. Including some really nasty commons, such as the FK Ghouls, a 3 life, 2 melee AV, 2 cost unit, that will eat itself if it's hunger isn't satisfied with blood of it's enemies. We also saw some really strong champs, such as Hirud, who makes all champs (yours and your opponents') cost 2 additional Magic Points! Overall my thoughts on all of FK and VG Second Summoner Units are that they truly bring these factions into the competative level of play, which is great as these types of additions balance Summoner Wars even better than it already is!

New iOS Factions' Strategy Articles

Benders   Mountain Vargath

This and last week brought us Strategy Guides for the new iOS Factions, the Mountain Vargath and the Benders. If you haven't checked them out yet, they are definitely worth a read, as they give some helpful insight to the new factions. You can check out the Bender's Strategy Article here, and the Mountain Vargath Strategy Article here.

Talking with John Ariosa

I found myself lucky enough to catch up with John Ariosa, the lead artist for Plaid Hat Games. He was happy enough to participate in a great interview, in which we talked about the role of art in the world of gaming, along with real life applications of Summoner Wars powers. You can find the whole interview by clicking this link.


The Plaid Hat Team released a newly revised Summoner Wars FAQ, which deal with some of the errors that occured in the previous one, and also includes new FAQ's about the new Second Summoners and their units. The new FAQ can easily be found under the Support Tab on the Summoner Wars' Game Page.

Meta-Gaming Series

This week I published the first installment of a mini series that I'm running called Summoner Wars: A Meta-Gaming Experience, in which I discuss the different aspects of the ever changing game, and how those different aspects reinforce certain themes and promote different game play styles. It is a little bit of a lengthy article, but I feel it is worth a read, if you've been around Summoner Wars and Plaid Hat Games since the beginning, or even if you're a brand new player!
 The full Part 1 of the Series can be found here.


GCMS Login Image

Last but certainly not least, Gen Con Indy began this Thursday! Plaid Hat Games has a booth there, and is demoing and running tournaments of several of their games. I'm sure there will be a lot of stories being told throughout the forums within the next few weeks of the going ons at Gen Con. There will also most likely (though don't quote me on this) a Gen Con themed Podcast within a week or two, detailing all the shenanigans of Colby and his crew! So stay tuned for more Gen Con news to come!

End Notes:

So I'd like to also make note of a thread that I saw on the forums earlier this week. It was started by the Junior Member, yobo93, entitled Next Summoners after VG/FK? I thought it posed a great question for everybody to think on. If you could pick any Second Summoner to be released next, which one would it be and why? I personally would like to see the Mountain Vargath's new summoner, just because I don't think anything could top Sunderved's theme for that deck! So until next time, keep on Plaid Hat'n!


TheOne commented:

Pretty sure it's CL & JE next. Also, can't wait for the next podcast. Last year's post-GenCon podcast was a laugh. :p

Keep it up, Jake! :D

Posted on 2013-08-17.

yobo93 commented:

My next pick wouldve been Cloaks; more than any other Summoner, Vlox really changes depending on his units. Also (and this may just be the Cygnar player in me) but Cloaks get points for remembering to pack their guns! If they ever get a gunmage, Ill never play another faction.

Im also looking forward to Jungle Elves too, since Abua Shi's basic deck is one of the most interesting, events-wise. I want to see more crazy JE events!

Posted on 2013-08-18.

Shr1k13 commented:

SE because I love them and want more of their cards in my collection. Also, I got my box of pre-orders last week and geeked out for a couple of hours. So excited to get Glorm and Bioshock to the table.

Posted on 2013-08-18.

Jannic commented:

JE + CL are totally next.

Jungle Elves are my favorite faction to play; I've gotta say I'd love to see how their new Summoner stakes their claim, because honestly Abua Shi + Lioneer + "Chant of Deception" + CHAAARGE + "Chant of Growth" is my absolute favourite move.

Don't even care if it lands - rocketing up next to the enemy's key unit and rolling 4 out of nowhere is epic fun.

I feel like with new Cloak units, if they're good I'm gonna try to make a deck with as many common types as possible to make Vlox like Morph from X-Men - 2 billion switching powers to keep track of.

Posted on 2013-08-19.

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