Plaid Hat Games is at GenCon 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Here's where you can find the crew during the week:

All week Plaid Hat Games will be in the Exhibit Hall at booth 2131, demoing games, selling games, and meeting with fans. Booth 2131 will be all the way to the rightmost aisle (coming from the hall entrance), most of the way to the back. It's a big booth this year! Get a free button with any game demo, pick up the typical promo cards, meet the guys, and get a free plaid hat with a game purchase of $50 or more! (I believe Colby will be selling the hats, too.) Click here for the entire Exhibit Hall map.

Four Summoner Wars tournaments will be held during the tournament! This is the closest thing to "Summoner Wars world championships" that we get. Check out our events page for complete details.

BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia will be there for demo and sale. So will all six Summoner Wars Second Summoners. Mice and Mystics: The Heart of Glorm will be there for demoing. And all the other Summoner Wars, City of Remnants and Mice and Mystics game products will be there for demo and sale as well!

It sounds like all the guys will be there--Colby, Bistro, Jerry, Isaac and the rest. Wish I could go! Have fun everybody, I can't wait to hear some tournament reports!