Summoner Wars fans have been anticipating the iOS (iPad, iPhone, etc) version of Summoner Wars ever since it was announced by Playdek Games. While it was originally slated to be released in Fall 2011, delays had already pushed the Summoner Wars app back to January 2012. Recently, Playdek Games updated their Web site with new design and information. The bad news? According to the new Playdek Web site, Summoner Wars is now slated for a Spring 2012 release.

George from the Playdek team discussed the delay on the Summoner Wars official forums:

Hi all,

George from Playdek here. Apologies for the silence on the Summoner Wars app. Yes, we have pushed back release from January... We've reconsidered how we are approaching the release, and we're working with Colby on that. And we know that the AI and feature set have to be right, and that's taking some time.

If there is one thing we've learned since announcing this first batch of games, its exactly how passionate and fantastic our boardgame community is and how absolutely invested in their favorite games we all are. As developers and a publisher, we have always been really careful about dates, and the last few months have underlined the challenge for us. We love to announce the games we're doing and we love to see everyone get as excited about them as we are... but development takes time and sometimes surprising twists.

Please know that we here at Playdek are committed to bringing you the best game possible.

All the best,

Besides that post, another Playdek representative chimed in to confirm the availability of the following features upon the app's release:

  • Eight factions with reinforcements plus some mercenaries (and a deck editor)
  • The app will be free, with one randomly selected faction unlocked
  • Additional factions and the reinforcements will be IAP (including a bundle to get everything at once)
  • AI, hot seat, and online multiplayer (online play will require at least one purchase)
  • Support for 2v2 team games probably won't be available with the initial release, but will be included in a later update
  • All of the online features included with Ascension (asynchronous play, player profiles, game timers)

The new Playdek Web site additionally confirms these features:

  • Scrollable and zoomable map
  • Beautifully rendered presentation brings Itharia to life
  • Enhanced visual optimization for iPhone 4 and iPad using high resolution graphics designed for the retina display
  • Maintain and save multiple games

So while it's agonizing to wait even longer for this release, it seems that the feature set will be worth the wait, to say the least.