Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Summoner Wars iOS Gets Two More Factions!

The Mountain Vargath and Benders join the digital Summoner Wars

Breaking news: Playdek has just announced that Summoner Wars for the iPhone and iPad will get an update on Monday, August 5!

There's a lot in this update. It syncs up Summoner Wars with Playdek's newer, non-GameCenter online system, fixes all the known bugs, adds a few more confirmation points to the play flow, adds AI for a few more factions, and adds Itharian lore to the app experience. But most importantly, it adds two new factions!

Veteran table top Summoner Wars players will recognize Sunderved of the Mountain Vargath and Tacullu of the Benders, the newest summoners for iOS! Both armies plus their reinforcements will be available. Now you, too, can play the part of Gwalark and the Flying Twins.

Consider buying this app expansion on day one. Let's demonstrate to Playdek how much we want to see more of these armies!

I'm sure we'll have more coverage of strategy of the Mountain Vargath and the Benders in the coming week, but for now, a short introduction.

The Benders

The Benders seek to create order out of the chaos of the Summoner Wars, and they achieve this through the prodigious use of psychomancy, the magics of the mind. Bender warriors strip away the mental defenses of their enemies, and deprive them of their most basic motor functions. The Benders are so powerful that sometimes enemies switch sides during a battle, their minds fully enslaved.

A Bender player isn’t interested in fighting on their opponent’s terms. Instead they will seek to control their opponent’s actions, their opponent’s units, and their opponent’s hopes of victory.


The Benders are all about control and annoyance. As you can see, Tacullu can just make any of your units disappear. These guys make you play on their terms. To win with them, you need to disrupt your opponent as much as possible and take them far out of their comfort zone. To defeat them, you need to get rid of your events quickly (or at least make them think you did) and gut their low-life units despite being forced to play inefficiently. The Benders are the ultimate meta-game army.

Click here to see all the Bender cards.

Mountain Vargath

The Mountain Vargath are a proud warrior race that seeks only to protect their homeland and culture. They look down upon the greed of the other factions of Itharia, and will not hesitate to crush any perceived threat, be it real or otherwise. To face the Mountain Vargath is to face an avalanche of fur, muscle, and hooves.

A Mountain Vargath player is fearless. A Mountain Vargath player gets their Summoner involved in the battle, operates in enemy territory, and owns the board. Playing the Mountain Vargath is all about building a rolling tide of goatmen that out-muscles the enemy at every turn.


Sunderved is my favorite summoner in the game. (Well, Mad Sirian comes close.) Aggressiveness and formations are what matter with the Mountain Vargath. Lots of your events help move your commons around. Sunderved's ability itself will boost your commons. To win as the Mountain Vargath, you must charge forward, planning your positioning carefully so as to overrun your opponent. To defeat them, you must go after Sunderved himself, taking advantage of an over-aggressive opponent.

Click here to see all the Mountain Vargath cards.

Be sure to pick up this in-app-purchase as soon as it arrives on Monday the 5th. See you in the battle!