General Farthen's Army

This week we got our third preview of the Second Summoners of the Vanguards and The Fallen Kingdom. This was a big preview, which we had been forewarned about by Joe, and I quote, "Be ready to drink from the fire hose.". Well Joe wasn't joking about that, and we got the remaining units and event from the Vanguards.

Honor Guard, Common of the Vanguards

We got to see some fantastic commons to back up Samuel and Sera along with some absolutely devastating champs. The commons we saw had a theme of being powerful rushing units, from the Warrior Angels (stronger versions of the regular VG Angels), to the Honor Guard (pictured above), to the Woeful Brothers (a elusive group of monks. Yes monks, and not the Friar John type either!).

Valentina Stoutheart, Champion of the Vanguards

We also got to see two different champs from the Vanguards: Valentina, and Bullock. Both are excellent additions to Samuel's ranks. Master Bullock (leader of the Woeful Brothers) grants some more ranged power to the Vanguards, as he has 3 AV and is ranged.  He also allows all Woeful Brothers who are within 4 spaces of him to be treated as if they were ranged also, thus making them 2 Life, 2 AV Ranged with a sweet Ability, all for 2 magic points. Now Valentina (pictured above) is the perfect example of cross faction Ability usage, along with the use of common unit abilities being used in a stronger version on a champ. Towards Commons, she is the equivalent of both a GD Defender and a VG Guardian Knight!  Her Ability is coupled with 9 Life and 2 AV Melee for 8 magic points.  That is a hefty price, but I can definitely forsee her being used, especially with the last event that was previewed.

Strong Spirits, is a terrific event.  It has everything that people hate about CUEs, without the actual 'Catch Up' qualifications. It allows you to remove all Woeful Brothers from your opponent's discard pile, and put them into your magic pile.  It's a great new form of the CUEs that we've all grown to hate, but without such a damaging effect to your opponent.  This is definitely the way to go with CUEs from now on!

BioShock How To Video Released

Miniatures from the game

As I promised last week, I'd keep you informed as to when the Learn How To Play BioShock video would be released. Well it's up! So go check it out by clicking the link below if you're looking for an additional/alternative way to learn to play the game!

Watch Rodney's How to Play Bioshock video on YouTube

Sunderved and Tacullu enter the world of Apple

Mountain Vargath            Benders

The first update for the Summoner Wars iOS game has arrived!  This new update fixes some minor bugs that were present with the original game, and also introduces two additional factions to the mix, the Mountain Vargath, and the Benders!!!  These two factions, which will be made available through an in-app purchase, are hopefully the first of many expansions to come for the iOS game!

Plaid Hat Podcast's 100th Episode

Plaid Hat Games has hit a bench mark this week, as they published their 100th episode of their podcast!  So congrats to everyone involved with the show!  I must say that though I do occasionally miss an episode, that it is a fantastic show, and I hope they keep on pushing on.

Thread of The Week

Last week I asked everyone for ideas on what I could add to This Week @PHG, and the general response was to spotlight different threads from the forums.  So this week I'd like bring attention to a thread that is part of an ongoing project by the forum goer cmarie.  Cmarie started a series of deckbuilding threads, and kicked off the series with some 'royal' pains...  Prince Elien!  I know I'm one of the few fans of Elien out there (I don't know why, as he's a super nice guy...), so this immediately got my attention.  Within the thead there are nine different and unique builds ranging from not only the 1st wave of PE units, but also some builds that contain units from Maldaria's set!  This is a great start to the series, and I look forward to the future installments of it also!  You can check out the thread by clicking the link below:

Deckbuilding Series: Prince Elien Edition

Ending Notes

I figured it was somewhat pointless to post upcoming events this week, as they were already posted in Kyle's post of August Events earlier this week. Otherwise, I'd like to hear from all of the readers again for any other/new ideas for additional sections to include in This Week @PHG.  So until next time, keep on Plaid Hat'in!