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This Week @PHG

First of A New Series of Articles

This is the first of what I hope will be an onrunning series of articles, overviewing the going ons at Plaid Hat Games.

Ret's New Pet!

This week marked the second week of the previews of the Vanguards and Fallen Kingdom Second Summoners. The first preview featured a new leader for the Vanguards, Samuel Farthen, along with some events and a champ.

This week we got a look at Second Summoner for the Fallen Kingdom. He's not quite a "leader" for them, rather a puppet implemented by Ret-Talus to further his own goals. "Mad" Sirian Waters brings a brand new element to the battlefield, something that has been unheard of prior to now, Summoner Healing! Sirian is capable of healing a single wound per round so long as he gets a chance to wound an enemy unit.

Mad Sirian, Summoner of the Fallen Kingdom

Now before anyone get's a chance to think that Mad Sirian is overpowered, a word of taboo in the gaming world, his events, while effective and thematic, definitely balance out his power. In exchange for 1 or more wounds on Mad Sirian, his player may do a wide array of things, such as draw 5 additional cards and summon during their event phase, summon Common Fallen Kingdom Units from the Discard Pile, and my favorite, place a Fallen Kingdom Chapmion into your hand from the Discard Pile!

Learn How To Siege Columbia In One Simple Video!

BioShock Infinite: The Siege of Columbia

The official PHG Learn To Play video of BioShock Inifinite: The Siege of Columbia has finally been released. Now there are multiple different ways to learn the rules, and the game isn't even out yet! The Learn To Play video is hosted by Rodney Smith who also hosts Watch It Played, a series which you can see multiple different board games played. It has also been revealed that Rodney plans on playnig The Siege of Columbia for Watch It Played, so stay tuned for that!

BioShock Featured on Polygon!

While I'm on the subject of The Siege of Columbia, recently published an article featuring the making of The Siege of Columbia. Now I don't want to spoil anything, but it is a fantastic article, so if you haven't checked it out yet, click the link below as soon as you're done with this article (or maybe sooner!?) and get reading!

Upcoming Events

Next week we have two different events:

  • A Plaid Hat Demo Day in Des Moines, Iowa
  • The Sweltering Showdown, a Summoner Wars Tournament in Fortworth, Texas

So if you're near either of those locations, go check out the events and share in some PHG cheer!

Last Tidbit

I want to hear from you, the readers! What other types of features should I include in A Week @PHG? I'm open to any ideas you can come up with, so long as it has to do with something that happens throughout the week and is Plaid Hat Games related! So get at me guys, let's make this the best article series we can!