The Dice Tower, a very prestigious gaming podcast, posts awards for the best releases in several different categories in the Board Gaming Industry. Roughly three months ago, Mice and Mystics received several (6, If I remember correctly) nominations for the Dice Tower Awards. They were nominated for the following categories:

  • Game of The Year
  • Best New Designer Award
  • Best Production Values
  • Best Small Publisher
  • Best Game Artwork
  • Best Game Theme Winner

Of these 6 nominations, Mice and Mystics received the following awards:


They also received the runner-up position in the following categories:


So Congrats to Jerry Hawthorne, John Ariosa, Colby Dauch, and everyone who worked on this terrific game!

For a full listing of the awards, and their results, head on over to The Dice Tower's Awards Page


GeneralRolando commented:

Whoo! Go Plaid Hat! Love hearing that my favorite games are other people's too!

Posted on 2013-07-09.

Adam commented:

Plaid hats are the best hats. The only hats!

Posted on 2013-07-09.

XIE ZONGHUA commented:


Posted on 2013-07-09.

Roderic_Cliche commented:

Yay for mice! :)

Posted on 2013-07-10.

DaddyDez commented:

Well Done!! Congrats!!!

Posted on 2013-07-10.

[email protected] commented:

well done. Any plans on putting these on the front of the box for the next printing?

Posted on 2013-07-11.

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