You can finally be glad it's Monday again.

Vanguard and Fallen Kingdom Second Summoners have gone into printing. That means they're now available for pre-order for your Summoner Wars collection in the store for $9.95 each. Just like last time, pre-order from and you'll get your copies airshipped over a month in advance while everyone else's take the long, slow journey on a boat. And, most joyously, Summoner Wars Monday previews kick back into gear on Monday, July 15.

Just like the last round of Second Summoners, these decks are like brand new faction decks - all new cards, no overlap, and completely playable factions on their own, without any other cards from their faction. However, also in line with the first four second summoners, you can mix and match the commons and champions in these two decks with the commons and champions in the original Vanguard and Fallen Kingdom faction decks, and with the commons and champions in the Goodwin's Blade Reinforcement Pack.

These are the first two decks I got to playtest myself from beginning to end. I'm not going to spoil any cards, but as a "pre"-preview, here are some general comments to get some excitement flowing:

  • Like the last crop of decks, these are both very common friendly summoners. Samuel in particular loves his commons and likes to say "screw you" to the summoners who normally say "screw you" to commons.
  • Both of these decks open up a whole new can of worms for deck building. Both provide delicious new options for Ret and Sera, and both make new use of old units, especially some that were less popular in competitive decks in the past.
  • With these two releases, you can kiss any illusion of "tier lists" goodbye, as every summoner (including Ret and Sera) have way too many options, potential strategies, and strengths to say any summoner is weaker or stronger than any other with any degree of certainty. These are balanced decks and they help balance the potential of the old decks even more.
  • Neither of these decks have rules cards and work completely within the original Summoner Wars ruleset. Samuel in particular will be fun and playable for beginners, but he will entice veteran players by messing with the competitive meta-game in ways that will drive the traditionally strong decks crazy.
  • Mad Sirian, from a gameplay perspective, is one of my two favorite summoner in all of Itharia. He just has that fun quality and has a twist on what he does that makes him feel totally unique. I can not WAIT for you guys to see these cards.

If you head to the store, you can pre-order today. Let the speculation begin.