Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

XIE ZONGHUA Wins SW iOS Tournament

Will gain $100 prize for winning Five for Fighting Format

Congratulations to XIE ZONGHUA for winning the June 2013 Summoner Wars official iOS tournament!

XIE ZONGHUA went 13-4 over all in the tournament, using the Jungle Elves, Tundra Orcs, Phoenix Elves, Cave Goblins, and Guild Dwarves each round, and winning the final versus runner up Rwould by using the Jungle Elves to defeat the Tundra Orcs. It's very cool to have a Summoner Wars fan in China as our new champion!

You can see the complete results of the tournament in the official results thread.

Tortugatron has already announced that there will be another iOS tournament in the fall with registration opening for that one on September 22nd. A HUGE thanks to Tortugatron for organizing, running, and administrating the tournament! With any luck we'll have more factions by then.

Thanks to all the competitors for participating and to Colby for providing the prize. Keep fighting on.