(The following is NOT Summoner Wars canon – it is a description of a game played between Jebuh214 and a new comer to the game. Consider it akin to "fan fiction," although it is based on an actual game.)

Trumpets thundered over the sound of the Vanguards' Guardian Knights marching into battle, Sera Eldwyn not far behind. They gazed at the large humanoid goats that confronted them on these plains, as this battle had been weeks in the making.

Sera raised her staff as to halt the marching order, and they did just that. They were prepared for the Vargath to make the first strike, as the Vargath's Rushers pushed the line of the battlefield.

"Hold Strong!" Sera shouted as the steel of the Guardian Knights' armor met with a powerful blow from the Rusher's war hammer.

The first strike had been made. The Guardian Knights drew their blades as blood, sweat, and tufts of fur were strewn across the plains. Then they saw the enemy, Sunderved, a huge Vargath, built more solidly than any other. He raised his mace and delievered a devastating blow to a lone archer who stood no chance.

Sera raised her staff as she summoned another Priest to her aid, and then spoke an enchantment, an ancient magic passed down for centuries by the Vanguards. The Priests' hammers began to glow a strong blue, and the two took their swings at Sunderved. The first blow merely glanced the Vargath Summoner, but the second... The second made full contact. The crushing strike caused Sunderved to stumble to his knees. Sunderved quickly raised his free hand into the air, and two Warriors who had been in the rear of the battle mustered to him. They quickly guarded their Summoner, and dealt with the Priests, whose enchantment had now ended.

Sera raised her staff back into the air and spoke another enchantment and then summoned forward a Guardian Knight and a Cavalry Knight to cover her exposed flank. Though Sunderved continued to push forward, careful to not leave any adjacencies open for another attack.

The battle continued, and the Vargath continued their forward assault, and the Vangaurds continued kept up their iron defenses. Then the tables turned... Sunderved raised his mace into the air and called a massive beast forth from his nearest wall.

Sera looked up at from the Cavalry Knight she had just healed and uttered a single frightened word.


Sunderved chanted an odd phrase, as Torodin's lizard mount reared back and charged forward, crushing an angel in its path. Sera was now face to face with this terrible beast, and she needed to react. Torodin jabbed his spear at Sera, but it only cut her shoulder.

"Cover!" She shouted and pulled an archer back to put some distance between her and the beast.
 The archer took a few shots as Torodin before he was finally struck down by the rider. Things were looking grim for the young summoner, until she saw an opening. Then the winds changed and she summoned her brother, Jacob Eldwyn, into a forward position.

Jacob ran quickly around to Sunderved's rear flank, and let loose a blast of holy energy on him. This blast crippled Sunderved to the ground. He quickly let loose some of his magic and disappeared back to a rear position where he would be safe for the time being.

Sera was now squaring off once again with Torodin, as he stabbed at her once again with his spear. This time striking a good shot in her side, causing her to fall to her knees. She managed to let off one more incantation, and summoned forth Coleen Brighton. Just as Torodin was about to strike a killing blow on Sera, Coleen jumped in between the two, and intercepted the attack with her shield. She smiled back to Sera, and Sera smiled back, knowing she was safe.

Jacob raised his hands to the sky and they glowed white. He threw them in down and a holy rain fell upon some Vargath warriors who were stationed around a wall.

Then the warriors stopped. They quickly retreated, even the mighty Torodin fled from the scene. As Jacob looked onward at the retreating enemy he saw several one carrying a near dead Torodin on their back. The final strike of the battle had been made, and the Vanguards had won.

This victory would be sung of at feasts at the Citadel for days and possibly weeks to come.