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Second Summoners, City of Remnants, Mice and Mystics Newsbits

There's been a flurry of PHG news from the various corners of the Internet, here are some of the highlights:

City of Remnants

PHG's best kept secret continues to garner strong reviews from various corners, and yet escapes mainstream attention.  This City of Remnants review on gives a nice rules overview if you're unfamiliar.  This gritty tale of gangland warfare on a refugee world full of intermingled races and factions scrabbling for dominance under the oppressive thumb of their alien overlords is a blast to play.

Here's a rules reference sheet for those who already own the game or want a quick synopsis.  

Make sure you see the review from Shut Up and Sit Down that Joepinion has here, if you haven't seen it.  It's hilarious, madcap, and is one of the most inventive reviews of a board game I've ever seen.

Summoner Wars Second Summoners

The first Second Summoners for the Tundra Orcs, Phoenix Elves, Cave Goblins, and Guild Dwarves have been shipped out to those who pre-ordered them, and are en route from shipping to be widely available.  Order yours from your preferred retailer or here at the PHG store to get a free Promo. 

Here are some reviews of the Second Summoners:

Gaming Trent Daily Gives His Enthusiastic Review of Second Summoners

Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower has an individual review for each deck:

Tom Vasel on Queen Maldaria's Phoenix Elves and Frick's Cave Goblins

Tom Vasel on Bolvi's Guild Dwarves and Torgan's Tundra Orcs

Mice and Mystics
The D6 Geneneration's podcast reviewing Mice and Mystics can be heard here. 

Rumors about the two new expansions, Heart of Glorm and the Downwood Tales, are starting to circulate.  To get more information on them, The Plaid Hat Podcast on Mice and Mystics is full of teasers from Jerry and company. 

Mice and Mystics is back in stores after already selling out twice, so make sure to pick up a copy of this critically acclaimed and charming game while supplies last.

 Colby Dauch on Game Design and Bioshock Infinite

Colby was recently on the Game Design Roundtable podcast.  Here's the synopsis from their site:

The team is joined by Colby Dauch, president of Plaid Hat Games, the developer behind Summoner Wars and the upcoming Bioshock Infinite board game. These games are discussed, as well as the story behind Plaid Hat’s founding, Colby’s approach to business and design, and whether or not the digital/tabletop convergence is real.