The Dice Tower posts an annual awards round-up of the best releases in a variety of categories over the last year.  While there is no "official" board game awards committee, the Dice Tower is well respected in the board game world and Plaid Hat Games is honored to have such a wide number of nominations for their beloved hit, Mice and Mystics.

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Nominations that Mice and Mystics has received include the following:

Game of the Year Nominee

Best Game of the Year

Best New Designer Nominee

Best New Designer (congrats to Jerry Hawthorne!)

Best Production Values Nominee

Best Production Values

Best Small Publisher Nominee

Best Small Publisher

Best Game Artwork Nominee

Best Game Artwork (congrats to John Ariosa!)

Best Game Theme Nominee

Best Game Theme

Major congratulations to Jerry Hawthorne, Colby Dauch, John Ariosa, the rest of the team that helped make Mice and Mystics a reality, and all of Plaid Hat Games!  The full nominations can be viewed at the following link:


joepinion commented:

I predict it will win Theme and Artwork. Production Values is almost impossible, with X-Wing and Descent in the same category.

Didn't realize Lords of Waterdeep was from a New Designer. Jerry's not really a new designer, though. But neither are the Englesteins. Qualifications on that one must be loose.

Netrunner or X-Wing should win game of the year simply based on the insane amount of people playing and loving them both. FFG must be rolling in it.

Posted on 2013-04-17.

Cyprien Esenwein commented:

I agree, this game has some of the best artwork and theme to be found in a board game, hands down.
Congrats, guys!

Posted on 2013-04-17.

PandaWear commented:

Gotta give props to Dave Richards for the graphics.

Posted on 2013-04-17.

thenobleknave commented:

I don't know who Dave Richards is, but props to him too!

Major congrats to all the folks involved in making this fine game, by all accounts it was a pretty massive group effort.

Props to the sculptor (Chad Hoverter) as well!

Posted on 2013-04-17.

TheInnocent commented:

Congratulations, that's wonderful news!

Posted on 2013-04-17.

DaddyDez commented:

Congratulations to all of you! Great game!!

Posted on 2013-04-18.

JanE commented:

Wow! What a shame that I could not have the game delivered to Finland. =(

The delivery would have costed more than the game...

I wonder when the PHG will have a representative in Europe to serve the wide European market also.

Posted on 2013-04-19.

technloust commented:


Posted on 2013-04-21.

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