The Plaid Hat Games' Store is now stocked and ready to roll with their new game, City of Remnants, and their critically acclaimed game, Mice & Mystics! Both are fun games with very different and unique mechanics, and  I'm sure will fly off the shelves quickly!  Mice & Mystics has consistently sold out with every print run, so make sure to get a copy now.  This is City of Remnant's big debut, and here's what one well known reviewer had to say:

"Plaid Hat Games ought to change their name to Bottled Lightning. They seem to be able to package up a hit every time they print something. For a great example of the Plaid Hat magic, check out City of Remnants."

- Drake's Flames

You can find the rest of this review of City of Remnants on Drake's Flames blog! Just a heads up, it may be a bit crude, but it is a great review of CoR, and I'd recommend it for anyone considering buying it.  The game is a beautiful blend of Ameritrash futuristic cyberpunk gang warfare and Euro-tastic economic engine building.  Check it out while supplies last!

Both CoR and M&M are also available through other online stores and FLGS, again while supplies last.