The Plaid Hat Games' Store is now stocked and ready to roll with their new game, City of Remnants, and their critically acclaimed game, Mice & Mystics! Both are fun games with very different and unique mechanics, and  I'm sure will fly off the shelves quickly!  Mice & Mystics has consistently sold out with every print run, so make sure to get a copy now.  This is City of Remnant's big debut, and here's what one well known reviewer had to say:

"Plaid Hat Games ought to change their name to Bottled Lightning. They seem to be able to package up a hit every time they print something. For a great example of the Plaid Hat magic, check out City of Remnants."

- Drake's Flames

You can find the rest of this review of City of Remnants on Drake's Flames blog! Just a heads up, it may be a bit crude, but it is a great review of CoR, and I'd recommend it for anyone considering buying it.  The game is a beautiful blend of Ameritrash futuristic cyberpunk gang warfare and Euro-tastic economic engine building.  Check it out while supplies last!

Both CoR and M&M are also available through other online stores and FLGS, again while supplies last.


Cyprien Esenwein commented:

So, CoR is Ameritrash Euro-tastic futuristic economic cyberpunk engine building gang warfare? You should print that on the box. (and say that 10 times fast)

This is going on the birthday list!

Posted on 2013-04-13.

thenobleknave commented:

I'll suggest that to Colby :)

Posted on 2013-04-15.

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