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City of Remnants: An Unboxing

An Unboxing of Epic Proportions!

Hey all, Jake here with some awesome news! My copy of City of Remnants just arrived in the mail today! Now this would normally be exciting news on its own, but coupled with the fact that I've been laying in bed sick since last night, it makes it even better!

Now for those of you who aren't familiar, City of Remnants is a sci-fi game designed for two to four players. CoR is centered around a desolate wasteland of a planet controlled by the malevolent Yugai aliens who are bent on galactic conquest (cue sinister music). You take the role of a leader of a gang who has been picked up from his home planet, and dropped into a slum-like city controlled by the Yugai. The city is small and the population is high, which causes struggles for money, territory, power, and resources; it is a quest to become the most renowned gang in the city.

So let's get back to the unboxing... The box was somewhat smaller than expected, though this isn't the first time PHG has fooled me with a smaller sized box: when I originally bought the Summoner Wars Starter Sets, I received them, and was astonished by how small the cases they came in were! With my shiny new copy of CoR, I was confused as to how exactly PHG could fit all of the 64 plastic figures along with all the other goodies into a box this size (the box is roughly 11.5" long and wide, and just short of 3" deep (about the same size as the game Dominion or Ticket To Ride)). So as I opened it I discovered the rule book, and the game board, which was also some what smaller than I had expected (as I was expecting a game board the size of the Summoner Wars boards). Then I found my miniatures. Now I was expecting something akin to the size of a Heroscape Mini (for those of you who are unfamiliar, the humans are about 1.75 inches tall), though I was suprised to find that they stood roughly the size of RISK minis. Now when I saw this the whole thing made a ton more sense, smaller box, smaller board, smaller minis. The minis are fantastic for their size by the way, and they come in four different colors, one for each player.

After sleeving just short of 150 cards, and yes I did sleeve them all upon unboxing (and for those of you who care to do so also, they use Standard Sleeves; the kind you would use of M:TG cards), I began looking through the cards, they all have fantastic artwork and are top notch glossy card stock, which I like. I figured it was time to crack open the rule book and check some things out. As I read through the rules, I punched out the numerous tokens and markers that are used for the game (their quantity is probably the one thing I dislike about this game, but that's just my opinion).

So then I made my older brother sit down with me and play a game of CoR since I had just finished unboxing it all. And thus we entered the epic world of the City of Remnants, with me playing as Garius and my brother playing as Ret. Perhaps that is a tale for another time (Spoiler Alert: I won).

Garius Regallas Card   Ret Onshadow Card

So for all of you who aren't sure if they want to buy this game, I'd highly reccomend it, it is very well made, has a ton of stuff packed into the deceptively small (it may have just been me who was expecting it to be larger) box, and in general is fun as heck to play! And to those of you who already have it, I'm giving you all a mission, go out there and talk up the gangs; spread their renown so that everybody knows who the toughest punks in this sector are.

CoR 3D Layout

So until next time, this is Jake Chapman signing off.

Over and out.

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