Note: This is an archived news article. The information and links are likely out of date.

Tower Upgrades!

The fourth scouting report on the Bolvi's Guild Dwarves.

This morning we were traveling with Bolvi's forces, trying to develop some friendships, but they were rather suspicious and taciturn.  Things changed when they we were ambushed by a troop of Cave Goblins, and of a necessity we were allies in the conflict.  The battle was much tougher than the Goblins had expected.  Bolvi did some things that we had no idea about before. 

One of his Assault Towers rose up on feet and started moving around the battlefield!  Not only did this enable the Tower to move into better positions, but while moving it trampled a few unfortunate Goblins who were just staring up at it with slack jaws.  I don't blame them: it took a second or two for me to get over my own shock and pay attention to the battle. 

Colossus Upgrade, a Bolvi Event card

This was not the end of the surprises.  Another Tower started rotating in place, and the Dwarf or Dwarfs in it began shooting with amazing speed and accuracy.

Turret Upgrade, a Bolvi Event card

Finally, yet another Tower started lobbing "stones" that exploded on impact.  I don't know which is worse: the fact that they can wound several units at once, or that they can be targeted at any unit within a respectable range, even if other things are in the way. 

Mortar Upgrade, a Bolvi Event card

With the use of these suprpises, as well as the forces we have discussed in earlier dispaches -- and a little bit from our own help -- the Goblins were routed before too many casualties occurred.  After things were stable again the Dwarves were more friendly, and Dwaf was particularly affable, willing to answer our questions.  After all, he said, now that an enemy has seen their weapons in action, there is no reason not to let their friends know what they are up to. 

The Towers do not have those different abilities to begin with.  Instead, Bolvi has come up with a way to summon the changes onto any Tower already on the battlefield.  Only one of these "upgrades" can be added to any one Tower, though. 

Rules Card: Upgrades

The legs we saw were actually a clever mechanism operated by a Dwarf in the Tower.  (Seeing the Tower get up and move made me realize that I was assuming that they were firmly rooted on a foundation like a permanent structure.  Obviously, they are not, but just rest on the ground.)  The other upgrades are mechanisms as well, rather than magic spells.  The spinning tower keeps itself stable using devices like a spinning top, and the exploding stones use a powder similar to what the Cloaks use in their guns, which the Dwarves have been able to replicate.  Given all their cleverness, I am very glad the Guild Dwarves are not malicious as the Cave Goblins are.